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SME Empower is a B2B marketplace which enables you to create a digital catalogue, buy & sell online and promote it with an integrated cross channel marketing platform.

B2B Marketplace

Register on the best B2B portal in India to buy, sell & promote products online.

Complete your b2b marketing strategy with SME Empower. This powerful platform offers a lucrative avenue where entrepreneurs just like you, can expand their reach and scale their business through a simple registration and verification process. SME Empower offers the following features:

  • Genuine, validated buyers and sellers
  • Authentic and dependable platform for all businesses
  • Analytics to track onsite user behaviour with an integrated dashboard
  • Detailed flow and a real time view of the orders placed through order reports
  • Single click and seamless integration of all stages of order execution
  • Buyers can check the status of the order placed
  • Money released to seller on buyer confirmation
  • A wide range of payment options such as Credit Card, Debit Card and online banking
  • Security of transactions through an integrated payment gateway
FirstHive Cross Channel Marketing

Increase your lead conversion with advanced Marketing tools

FirstHive helps you create and execute Cross Channel Customer Engagement campaign across Email, SMS, Voice, Website & Mobile App.

FirstHive’s Machine learning capabilities help you build unique customer identities by collecting data across all sources of customer interactions and customer transactions.

FirstHive offers following key features:

  • Single Customer View
  • Ability to run campaigns in real-time
  • Cross Channel Journey Orchestration
  • Comprehensive dashboards & analytics

FirstHive is a very popular Customer Data Platform which is used by brands such as Essilor, Gulf Oil, Legrand and many other industry leaders across US & Asia Pacific markets. And what more… You get a privileged access to this platform FREE for first one year.

Additional Benefits

Digital Catalogue

SME Empower offers an exclusive free online e-store where businesses can list their products.

With the free online e-store features you can successfully market your products, create your own digital product catalogue & give your customers faster and easier access to your product and business information. It’s a catalogue marketing strategy which requires no registration or listing fees. Just register and start transacting.

SME Toolkit

SME Toolkit India is the leading online knowledge centre that helps SMEs scale their businesses.

SMEs in India can be benefited by its wide range of helpful tools and resources on the site, such as a large collection of self e-learning financial videos, news & updates.

SME Toolkit India serves as a virtual business consultant for every SME. A one-stop resource for small businesses in India, constantly providing guidance to help them reach higher levels of professional management.

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